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Health Sector in India

With 1.2 billion population, largest English-speaking population in world, 2nd largest pool of scientists and ...

Education Sector in India

By 2020, India needs 40 million university places- an increase of 14 million – and 500 million skilled workers...

Power Sector in India

Electricity demand in India is increasing rapidly, and the 1052 billion kilowatt hours gross produced in 2011 ...

Water-Waste Sector in India

The need for planning cannot be over-emphasized. Urbanization is progressing rapidly and by 2050, seven out of...

Oil & Gas

Currently, nearly 44 cities and towns in India are covered under City Gas Distribution networks, 46 new distri...

Homeland Security

Homeland Security in India has witnessed an increasing focus in the recent past. Occurrences like the 26/11 Mu...

Digital India

India is in the midst of revolution powered by digitization. Digital India provides a domestic opportunity of ...


Total infrastructure spending is expected to be about 10 per cent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) during the 1...

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